Thursday, May 12, 2016

Oncologist Appointment

First and foremost, let me thank everyone for all the love and support I have received the last few days.  I have been a nervous wreck as you can imagine.

This morning, my son Gregory and I met with my primary Oncologist.  We reviewed the report and he showed us the images for the various lymph nodes and the tumor in my right lung.

While he is concerned there is growth, he feels since I am tolerating the Opdivo extremely well, that we will continue on this course.  I will have scans again in a few months but he doesn't think we should change our plan or panic unless we see large amount of growth.  It is very typical for the first few scans when on Opdivo, that the malignant areas get larger.  That is what Opdivo does in the beginning.

Many of you already messaged or called me and told me not to panic on Monday when I found out they got bigger - you knew it was pseudo-progression - I should have listened more closely and the last few days may have not be as nerve wracking as it was - THANK YOU!!!

God Bless all of you who follow my journey and include me in your prayers - it's working.

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