Friday, October 10, 2014

Goodbye Chemo

I am celebrating today - I AM IN REMISSION.  

Today was the day I received results from my  CT Scan that I had 2 days ago.  NED - No Evidence of Disease - the cancer has not spread!!!!

While I type this I am still in shock - after everything 2014 and has held for me, I can't believe there is finally good news.  The truth of the matter, is I am cleared for now.  I have to have CT Scans every 3-6 months for the rest of my life to see when this cancer rears its ugly head again.  They will keep a close eye on me and I will keep my port in my chest for upwards of 2 years - just in case.  I will still go to my Oncologist once a month for a check up and other procedures. But for now, it is good.

Now that my chemotherapy is over, I move towards Pulmonary Rehabilitation.  Since I had 90% of my left lungs removed, I need rehab to strengthen the right side.  That entails a class 3 times a week for 6 weeks.  I do suffer from nausea daily from the chemo and they explained this could last for months.  This truly is a journey I will deal with forever but for right now, today, life is GREAT!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Long Two Weeks

I haven't posted in a while and then started getting messages asking if I was okay.  Yes, I am fine.  But, a family member was in the hospital for the past 11 days with life threatening symptoms - shortness of breath, collapsed lung, possibility of lung cancer.

Really??  One family member with lung cancer isn't enough.  Thankfully the tests came back that it is not cancer - at least for now - there will be continued tests.

That has stressed me out for the past couple of weeks but overall, I am fine.  I had my last chemotherapy 3 weeks ago today, so this week was the week I feel good. past weekend a childhood friend came to town to visit me for the weekend.  What a wonderful 3 days just seeing her face and spending time like we did 35 years ago - love you girl <3

Tomorrow, October 8th, I will have a CT scan of my chest and a PET Scan to see if the chemotherapy has done its job -meaning no additional cancer.

Say a prayer for me this week - I will post as soon as I have the results.