Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you were able to spend the day with family and friends and ate too much :)

We were all together with all 7 kids, several girlfriends and a boyfriend, it was a full house.  Cameron (my 8 year old grandson) went around the long table and asked all 16 of us what we were thankful for....I could only say, "for being with all of you right now."  I was blessed today.

Things have been fairly quiet here.  Still no determination on the spot on my right lung.  My biopsy came back negative for cancer but my Oncologist thinks it is a false negative because it is so small.  So we have another CT Scan scheduled for January 4th.  Until then, I enjoy my days without chemotherapy - YAHOO.

I still have a lot of pain on my left side of my back, left shoulder and left upper arm.  There is a tremendous amount of scar tissue from my shoulder to my waist from my lung removal, so the pain is a result of that.  Thank Goodness for pain patches and Oxycodone.