Sunday, March 20, 2016

I'm Slacking.....

I just realized it has been 2 months since my last post.  That was when I found out my option was to try Opdivo - the immunotherapy.

Since the 2nd week of January, I have been going every two weeks for an infusion which takes about 2 hours.  The "side effects" have been minimal.  Fatigue for 3-5 days after each infusion.  Now, that doesn't mean I'm great the rest of the time. I still have issues from just having one lung, but, that is my new normal.

About 3 weeks ago I did have a scare.  I caught a cold.  Cancer patients have very bad immune systems to fight of infection.  When on Opdivo, no one really knows what it does to your immune system, so I have to be very careful where I go and who I am around.

Anyway, the cold really got me.  It was a coincidence that same week I had an appointment with my Lung (Pulmonary Doctor) who was not pleased with my cold and inability to get proper oxygen in my lungs.  She immediately gave me a breathing treatment and put me on a strong antibiotic.  Luckily, it worked and within several days I was feeling better.

Soooo.....I continue to go every two weeks for Opdivo infusions.  I will not have scans until May to check if it is working.  That makes me a bit anxious to wait that long but apparently it takes up to 2 months for the Opdivo to put my immune system in "hyper mode." (for lack of a better term).  Once it reaches that special level, then it makes my immune system target the cancer cells and kill them.  So they want me on it another 2 more months believing that would be sufficient time to see if it is doing what it's supposed to do.
My inspiration EVERYDAY!! My beautiful grandson, Cameron.  He's the best <3 <3

And, I listen to this recording my daughter, Maria, made several years ago.  It gives me courage and strength to continue on. Click on her name to see it.
Maria Toth