Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 9, 2016 CT Scan

Yesterday was my first scan since starting Opdivo Immunotherapy in January.  The hope was that all would stay the same size.

I have an appointment with my Oncologist this Thursday to get the results, however, he called me last night.  He said he is very concerned because:
  • The tumor in my right lung got smaller (YAY)
  • The two lymph nodes that were malignant got bigger
  • Four additional lymph nodes have gotten larger as well (NOT SO YAY)
He said he wanted me to know and we will talk more in depth on Thursday.  He said he is very concerned and is leaning towards another biopsy.  He wants to review my scan images with other oncologists to come up with the best plan.

I will post again on Thursday....please keep me in your prayers.


  1. Prayers are with you Jennifer!

  2. Prayers ❤

  3. Grace and i will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. Grace and i will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. Not sure if you're aware of this, but normal cells are safeguarded from immune system attack by producing chemicals that act as, "safety checkpoints," preventing immune overdrive. Opdivo is a "checkpoint inhibitor." or a drug that stops cancer cells from producing similar chemicals so the immune system can fight them. This may be partly why progress is slow.

    Kacey @ Glendale MRI