Saturday, August 2, 2014

What's Hair But A Pain To Style, Right?

Although it hasn't completely fallen out, my hair has been thinning and small bald spots appearing over the past few days.  My entire life, I had enough hair on my head for two people and now it is so thin I can see my scalp at every angle.

So daughter, Maria and I, went to Best Cuts to get the shortest buzz possible so I can have a bald head on my terms and not the terms of the disease.

Here's the chain of events:

One year ago this is how I wore my hair until February
A full head of hair - enough for two people even when this short

Thinning - Scalp showing
And it's coming off 

And more is falling 

After - walking home I felt I needed a coverup

And home - the final reveal  so much scalp showing

It was startling at first but not as bad as I thought.  Tears appeared but I realized they were tears of relief.  This is the final serious change, I think, I hope.

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