Monday, August 11, 2014

Really??? Now Cataracts?!

I noticed a change in my eyesight since getting sick in February and finally went for an eye doctor appointment today.

This journey has been one thing.... constant change.  Every time I go to the doctor or for a treatment, they find something else.  

Today, he said my eyesight has changed dramatically due to cataracts.  And, my right eye is worse than my left because the cataract is worse on the right.  Oy Vey...

He did say that the steroids I am on, and will continue to be on the rest of my life, is what caused the changes, so my new glasses will make a tremendous difference.  

My energy level has gotten a bit better this week - which I expected since it's Week 2 within my 3 week cycle.  The only difference this time is I am still getting a bit of a queasy stomach in the afternoons.  Nothing that one or two of my 25 different medications won't fix in a jiffy.

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