Friday, August 22, 2014

It's Been A While...

I just realized it has been 11 days since I blogged anything.  I suppose that is a good thing because nothing major has really happened.  

Just the usual:

  • Still having trouble sleeping
  • Queasy stomach everyday - doesn't seem to go away between Chemotherapy Treatments
The great news is my bloodwork has been in the "low" of normal range consistently.  This is a great accomplishment as it is normal to have to miss treatments due to abnormally low blood counts - counting my blessings here.

My fatigue and sleeping is still an issue.  Either I am up all night until daylight, very jittery, or I fall asleep and wake up 3-4 hours later, again unable to fall asleep.  Today, the doctor prescribed a sleeping pill.  Hopefully this will help.  I do nap during the day because of fatigue from the medications and thought this was the reason I have trouble at night, but even when I force myself to stay awake, I still have trouble at night - and then feel worse the next day.

Today's Chemotherapy went as planned.  I noticed that I was having stomach issues within an hour of leaving and was exhausted sleepy by the time I got home.  I took my nausea medication and slept for 2 hours.  I know they say the side effects can take time to get slightly worse and worse and I am praying this is not an indication of what this cycle will hold. 

My Chemotherapy Support Group For Today - Maria and Pam
My excitement for the weekend starts with getting my new eye glasses on Saturday.  I can't wait - my vision has changed so much since taking these multitude of medications and treatments. And then, I am planning on taking a drive Sunday to visit my son, 2 hours away.  This is terrifying because in the past weeks, driving for more than a 1/2 hour causes me issues.  So wish me luck Sunday.  My sweet grandson will be with me so hopefully he will keep me on my toes.

Beautiful Lung Cancer Bracelets being worn by - Me, Caitlyn, Maria and Pam

Above is a picture of the Lung Cancer Bracelets I have to support my journey.  At this point, Caitlyn, Maria, Pam and myself are wearing them.  If you are interested in helping support my journey, just let me know.

And the best news - August 26 - right around the corner - POOTIE is coming home to stay!!! Can't wait to see my baby boy <3

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