Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Exciting Week

What a whirlwind week this has been - and will be.  Sunday I was able to spend the day with Caitlyn, Cameron, Maria (Cocko) and Brad.  Tuesday, Pootie came home to Ohio to stay. Thursday, a maid service is coming - wooohooo.... and Friday, a second opinion.

First, driving 2 hours with Cameron is an interesting road trip.  He kept us laughing and made the time pass quickly.  I tried to "remember" how to travel with a young child, and was prepared, bringing the iPad and his Boogie Board (a magnetic writing board) which kept him happy the entire time.  Of course, the stop at McDonald's made his day as well.  Afterwards, he wanted to see Caitlyn's "home at school."  First thing out of his mouth when he saw her shelf with all her "treats" was - "Caitlyn can I spend the night for 4 days?"  He was also a big fan of the vending machines outside in the hallway - but he was a bit disappointed that we didn't show him the pool - LOL - Love that boy!!!!

Monday, I had a visitor.  The owner of a local maid service company, Ameri-Serve, came to see me.  There is a charity, Cleaning For a Reason =  What a GREAT service.  They team up with local companies to provide cancer patients with a maid for 4 months.  Their goal is to clean your house so you can concentrate on your treatments and health.  I was amazed by how much they will do each time they come - it is basically spring cleaning each time.  Floor to ceiling - inside and out.  I am so blessed with so much generosity. They are coming Thursday for the first cleaning - I can't wait.

Monday, was sort of a rough day.  I think the activities of travelling wore me down as I was really feeling tired.  At one point, I took a nap, with my phone next to me.  Well, I missed 2 phone calls from the doctor's office - ringer was on and turned up - and I still managed to sleep right through it  - wish I could sleep like that at night :)

Tuesday, was a celebration day - POOTIE is back in Ohio to stay!!!! Now, 6 of my 7 babies are back in Ohio - just spread out around Ohio!

And Friday, I am going to University Hospital Seidman Cancer Center for a second opinion.  I mentioned before that I only have one chemo left and then the doctor at the Cleveland Clinic wants to discuss "controversial" maintenance therapy.  That word makes me a bit nervous so I figured a 2nd opinion can't hurt.  I suspect there will be more tests and scans in my near future to see what has spread and how that will effect future treatment.  More on that after Friday's meeting.

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