Thursday, July 24, 2014

Weekly Update

Thankfully, it has been a quiet and calm week.  No significant side-effects to report.  I am relentless in taking my anti-nausea medications twice a day to make sure that doesn't become an issue.  But, in exchange, all the medications and chemotherapy drugs make me very, very tired.

I am sleeping about 12 hours a night and then 1-2 naps per day - sleep is overrated when you sleep this much :)  Last weekend, we had Cameron for one night and that wiped me out - but it was soooo worth it - who can't resist this face

What does concern me is 2 nights ago, my sister told me I got up at about 11:30 pm, opened the front door, walked out, and came right back in.  I DO NOT REMEMBER that at all.  I was asleep that night by 11:00 pm.  Certainly a question for the doctor tomorrow when I go to get my weekly bloodwork.  I have never had a sleep walking issue in my life - but I suppose from all the therapy and drugs it could be an issue.

The one confession I have is - I quit smoking 9 weeks ago and was doing GREAT... but approx a week ago, I have been having one cigarette each night.  By evening, I really, really, want one and it seems after having one, I get a nasty taste in my mouth and don't want another - until the next night.  I know I should not even have that one, but if one "nasty" cigarette keeps me from smoking regularly, then I'm okay with that.

And finally, this week was a week for connecting with relatives.  My aunt's 90th birthday was this week and when I called, I was pleasantly surprised to find my cousin and her daughter were there.  Talking to Aunt Diana, Annette and Diana Marie brought back so many memories and filled my heart with love.  Aunt Diana - HAPPY 90th Birthday - she is a true example of living life and enjoying every minute of it - something we all need to do <3

WRITTEN BY: My 8th child - Maisey Cachat
"Just breathe. Take in all the air your lungs will let you and hold it. Let your lungs taste the oxygen filling you with life. Because despite your illness, you are filled with life. And when the treatment takes your hair, feel the warmth on your skin. Know it comes from the blood pumping through your veins. Accept your situation with patience and peace, but never stop fighting it without discretion or hesitance. You own your body, it does not own you. It merely houses your soul."


  1. GO MAMA GO!! I know I don't call much but ill be home soon!!!

    1. LOVE YOU POOTIEMAN - Can't wait for you to come home :)