Wednesday, July 16, 2014

So Blessed For My Chemo Angel

This week has been progressing along slowly.  While I started out the weekend, feeling quite good, just a bit tired.  Mid week has been a bit different.  I'm sleeping much more, and sick to my stomach throughout the day.  Anti-nausea medications and Ginger Ale help - so that keeps me going.  No hair loss yet - but I know that is coming.  

There is a bright moment to my days - Right after I received my diagnosis, I started receiving emails, phone calls and snail-mail from people I never heard of - amazing, right?  Well, I have a few women that call themselves my "Chemo Angels."  I do not know them, have never spoken to them, and they send me cards and gifts several times a week from across the country.  

What amazes me the most is they don't even put their return address on anything so I can't even thank them.  Here is a look at today's delivery....

(2) Satin Pillow Cases and a Cap to help with baldness

(2) Types of tea to help with nausea

Words of Help by a nurse

Mouth products to help with mouth sores that are common when getting chemotherapy

And, a special journal
I really cannot get over how communities across the nation support people they've never met.  If we all did one thing like that for someone close to us each day, imagine how many happy smiling faces these would be :)

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