Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thoughts For You (You'll Know Who You Are)

Having any type of illness makes it difficult to think about anything else - but there are times when I am alone and the strangest memories and thoughts pop into my head.  Here it is after midnight, I am exhausted and can't sleep (my typical evening) so I decided to write down some though provoking memories..... Can you fill in the blanks with the details I left out?

* When Bradford decided to try a bike trick at SVDP and slammed into a brick wall. Our neighbor went with me to the emergency room. Through his pain, when the nurses came in for a parental signature, Bradford decided to tell the nurse we were his "lesbian mothers."
*When Sr. Caroline had to read Andrew's mad-lib to me over the phone because he was so scared when he read it to me that I couldn't understand a word he said when he read it.
*The only sport I enjoy is horse racing (thanks to my Uncle Mario).  The race several years ago, Maria (Doodles) says, "have any horses died after these races.?"  Damn, 60 seconds after the winning horse crossed the finish line, another horse slowing down to a gallop, dropped dead on the track.
*Maria (Doodles) having her bath as a baby and the whole block listening to her scream.
*Over 90 degrees outside, took the kids to baseball game.  Left money so I could call and have pizza's delivered and Chris could pay for it before we got home.  We walked in the house and it was like an inferno.  We thought, "OMG, the central air broke."  - Well, not quite, Chris piped up and said, "NO mom, I turned it off so the pizza would stay warm."  I won't tell you how old he was but he was way over the age that he could stay home alone.
*Cousin Tammy telling me she wanted short hair - well, you said you wanted it short :)
*Caitlyn's trip to New Jersey.
*Asking Pootie, "where did you get that bruise on your butt - OMG, it's huge."
*My brother Albert sprinting down Interstate 95 at age 3.
*My brother Nicky cutting his own hair the night before school pictures.
*Trips to Va. Beach, The Chamberlain - oh, those were the days.
*My mothers' attempt at cooking on Hegeman Ave.
So many memories - so many laughs.

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