Tuesday, June 24, 2014


What is the definition of heaven?  Having your chest tube removed after 4 weeks!!!!! Absolutely!!!

Yesterday, I spent 2 hours at the surgeon with manual tests and then an X-ray to find out the chest tube could come out.  It was literally instant relief.

While I am not pain-free, the constant stinging, pulling and pressure from the tube are gone making it easier to get up and down.  And today, I got to take my first real shower in 4 weeks - now that was FANTASTIC!

So now that the chest tube is gone it is time to start rehab and recovery.  We meet with the oncologist today for the first time so I am sure he will give us lots of information but my pulmonary doctor wants me to go thru Pulmonary Rehab before starting chemo (not even sure what that is).

Onward and forward, finally!!

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