Saturday, June 21, 2014

4 Week Update

Tuesday will be 4 weeks since my surgery.  Although, I still remember very little of the first two weeks, these last two weeks are draggggggggging.

My weekly visit to the surgeon yesterday proved that my chest tube still cannot come out.  I actually saw the Nurse Practitioner and she said while it is improving, there is still an air leak, so they can't take the chance of removing it.  As a result, I am going back on Monday to see the actual surgeon to see what we can do.  4 weeks with a chest tube is too long and now they are afraid of infection.  

Tuesday is our big meeting with the Oncologist for the first time.  I know he will not be happy that the chest tube is still in as he will not begin chemo until I am fully recovered and I can't even begin to recover until this darn thing is out.

Pootie is here this week and Cameron is here for the weekend - both are fantastic <3  Tomorrow, Sunday, we have a family picnic - while I am looking forward to that, it will certainly require the most energy from me in over a month - should be interesting.

Will update more next week after both appointments.  Wish me luck :)

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