Thursday, December 8, 2016


Wow, it's been a while since I updated but it's been a busy few months.  I continue my chemotherapy/immunotherapy every two weeks.  Thanksgiving was a whirlwind as we had it at my son's home a week before his wedding.  My new daughter in law, Amy, has been wonderful and such a loving person to join our family.  Who else would have 15 people at their home 1 week before their wedding for a Thanksgiving celebration.

The wedding was FANTASTIC.  I am overflowing with love for my family.  All the kids pitched in to "get er' done" and the evening was super.  Now that Amy is part of our family, we have 6 new family members to love and welcome to our family (Amy's parents, sister and her family). 

 With the Thanksgiving celebrations (i did all the cooking) and the wedding a few days later, I'm exhausted.  But a good exhausted.  I did seem to get bronchitis during this time but we caught it early so I was ready and willing for all events.  Nothing shows love like being with your whole family. Nothing makes you feel better.  I was able to dance, celebrate, and share love with my family. I made it.  My biggest goal was to make it to the wedding.

Bradford (groom) - Amy (bride) - Cameron (best man)

Now the GREAT news.  I had a CT Scan Tuesday.  One tumor got smaller and the rest stayed the same.  That is the BEST I can hope for.  Never Ever - did I ever think there would be a time when I had cancer and was overjoyed with "no growth."  The first inclination is get rid of it - get it out- but we are past that.  I'm overjoyed with no growth.

All I can say at this point is - enjoy everyday, enjoy your family, love each other.  You never know what tomorrow will bring.  I've been blessed in 2016 to help plan and attend our grand family event.  I wish the same for you this holiday season.  Be present in the moment.


  1. Hugs and Love on your Journey ....
    So glad you have an Amazing family... that helps...<3 <3

  2. Love ❤️ Love ❤️ Love and Congrats! We all celebrate "no growth" right with you!

  3. Jennifer, this is a beautiful post. Congratulations on celebrating your son's wedding exactly as you had hoped, and on a great scan report.

  4. Congrats to Amy and Brad and to your entire family! I think of you all the time and you are always in my prayers.