Friday, August 19, 2016

CT Scans Update

Well, the time came.  3 months since my last CT Scan of my chest.  To go back for a moment, I started Opdivo January 1, 2016.  I had my first set of scans in May to see if it was working.  It was a bit inconclusive because 1 tumor got smaller but the rest in my lymph nodes got larger.  THIS IS TYPICAL with Opdivo so we really were in mystery land and didn't know if was working.

Yesterday, Thursday, I had my 17th Opdivo infusion.  Immediately following, I had a CT Scan to see if there was any difference and to see if the treatment is working.


This is HUGE!!  It means for the moment Opdivo is indeed "extending my life" as the commercials boast.  While the best news would have been to hear they were all smaller, I am perfectly content (and thrilled) that they have stayed the same size!!

I know I could have gone crazy these past 8 months waiting and waiting to see if my every other week therapy worked.  Without the love, support and guidance from all my friends and family, I possibly may have given up hope because of not knowing.  Your love and support got me here!!

Now, I'm gonna really kick cancer's ass.  Wish me luck and say a prayer for me as I continue my treatments.

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