Sunday, April 17, 2016

Port Surgery (GRAPHIC)

Well, that's finally over.  I was petrified since this was my first surgery where I would be put under General Anesthesia.  All went fine.

Because of having the port in the same place, over the past two years, my skin has gotten very sensitive to the solution the nurses use to clean my skin prior to putting the needle in.  My surgeon was concerned about putting the port back in the same place as he felt it was too much of a chance for infection.  So instead of 1 incision.  I had 2 - well technically, 3, but the 3rd one on my neck is not even 1/2 inch.

Now top incision is where my port is.  I have a blood draw Wednesday, then chemo on Thursday, so we will see if it is working properly.

Sorry I haven't posted sooner, Percoset has put a halt to a few things the last few days :) :)

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