Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Celebrate Life 2016

MissionPositiveFilmsBlog.com - an organization in Hawaii, travel across the US spreading how Cancer Patients celebrate life and not death.  They contacted me months ago asking permission to use me in their slideshow. 

This is their 2016 slideshow.  I am at 16 mins and 17 seconds :) <3 :)

From the Mission Positive Films website:
What does a cancer documentary, a Winnebago Scorpion Toy Hauler, seven stray cats, one stray dog, a 35th year anniversary, and a love of hiking all have in common ? 
The answer – The Celebrate Life Tour. 
This begins what should be a very interesting adventure that involves taking a ridiculously large RV, and a ton of animals on a summer trip to Celebrate Life with those touched by cancer.  We will be putting on parties in cities throughout the Northwest, and Canada, bringing together patients, survivors, and caregivers to share stories, information and fun. Amidst the balloons and streamers will be great guest speakers, music, food, giveaways, information on products and services, and a showing of the cancer survivorship documentary ” C – A Celebration of Life “. These Celebrate Life Tour events are free to the public. 
In addition to the Celebrate Life Tour parties, our plan is to share our experiences with those that like stories slightly off the beaten path. Think Lucy and Ricky in an RV, for those of you old enough to remember that. I’ll be posting information about the why’s, how’s, where’s, and what in the world did we get ourselves into. You’ll get acquainted with the ” Scorpion “, laugh as we learn how to maneuver it, meet ” the kids ” ( which is how we refer to our 4 legged companions ), follow the ups and downs of the showings, and hopefully, see photos of some beautiful country on our hikes.
We are not experienced RV’ers, we have not traveled with multiple animals, and this is the first time we’ve attempted these type of events, so trust me, you’ll definitely get some good laughs out of this one.
The Celebrate Life Tour is set to hit the road in July next year, and travel throughout the Northwest through September. We’ll be setting up parties in Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, Coeur D’Alene, Missoula, Jackson Hole, Boise, and Bend.

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