Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cycle 4 May Be On Hold

Throughout my journey, I have had one constant - my insurance company.  Medical Mutual of Ohio has been superb in paying all my medical bills with no hassles.  Well, my luck has run out on that one.

Friday is my next chemotherapy appointment and yesterday the doctor's office called me. Apparently, all of a sudden, one of the chemo drugs, Alimta (Pemextred) is now on a prior authorization list.  Meaning, I can't have the treatment(s) until it is approved.  The doctors office, myself and a rep from Med Mutual spent 2 hours on the phone trying to determine why this happened now, and why 2 days before my treatment.  We never came up with an answer.  But we did start the process so hopefully sometime today this will be approved. I kept asking how can you do this mid-way?  I would understand if it was before my first treatment, but my 4th?? Oh well, whatever it is - it is.  Just so we can get it fixed today :)

Actually, the approval may not be a problem because my bloodwork may prevent the treatment this week.  My White Blood Count has slowly dropped and last week was right at the cut-off for allowing treatment - when I go tomorrow, they will draw blood to check if I am able to get the treatment - asking for prayers to make sure all goes well and I can proceed with no interruptions.

This week has been a roller coaster of side-effects, too.  Usually by week 3, I feel good but this week I have had quite a bit of an upset stomach.  I also noticed that while I am not losing anymore hair, it is not growing.  So I am lucky that I didn't go totally bald.  Buzzing my hair down to 1/4 inch hides the bare spots and in 9 weeks since having it done, my hair is still the same length.  Not complaining here since many people have it worse.... just finding it weird that it stopped growing without completely falling out.

And now to enjoy my favorite time of year - I am not a summer heat person, so the first week of cooler temps brings me joy.  Starting today, NE Ohio will be in the 60's for a week - I'm loving it.  Nothing better than a cool, clear fall day with a cup of coffee while completing my needlework - that my relaxation!

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