Friday, August 1, 2014

Round 2 Chemotherapy Today

It's been 21 days since Round 1 and I can't get over the differences in how I felt over the 3 weeks.  Week 1 was exhaustion, Week 2 was slightly better, but Week 3 was great.  I felt "almost" like normal this week.  No naps = just little things still wear me out.

But today is Round 2, so I am preparing for the exhaustion to set in starting tomorrow.  The day before, the day of, and, the day after chemo I have to take steroids and they have a tendency to cause insomnia so that could be part of the extra sleeping the first week.

Maria (Doodles) is going with me today and will be with me until Tuesday to keep me company and share her shining and colorful personality. <3 <3

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