Monday, August 4, 2014

Feeling Tired But Good

Such a roller-coaster that chemotherapy puts you through.  One day you feel great and the next day, you just want to sleep all day.

Overall, I am so blessed and thankful that I do not have the side-effects that everyone warned me about.  There are so many medications to counteract the negative effects.  Which I suppose now makes me a junkie - but at least I feel well.

Saturday and Sunday I was able to take a few walks.  Not very far, but just enough to rev up my energy and metabolism.  I also walked to get my haircut and get a few groceries.  The weekend also included cooking a few dinners which I missed so much.

Today, was not that grand.  I think I took 3 naps.  It's not a "I feel bad" feeling.  It's just waking up and still feeling like you could sleep for over 8 more hours.  Sort of like if you wake up in the middle of the night to go pee :)

This week will probably consist of many naps while I look forward to feeling better next week.  The best part of this week is I realized I haven't shaved my legs in almost a week - and I don't need to.  Now, that is a great benefit to chemotherapy!!!

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