Sunday, May 18, 2014

Never A Dull Moment

What a great weekend.  The weather was great, Cameron and Maria (Doodles) were here for the weekend, and on Sunday, Andrew, Caitlyn and Jimmy camer over for the afternoon.  It was great having them here the weekend before my surgery - and it was a great weekend... with the exception of the intense itching that was going on under the dressing for my PICC Line.

I had noticed the tape/dressing over my PICC Line was itching much more than usual the past few days.  I even noticed a "few" blister looking things. I kept telling them, "it's ok, it's just my skin irritation/reaction to the tape for the past 2-1/2 months." Well, Caitlyn and Jimmy arrived and they both yelled at me, "it's infected - call your doctor."  After arguing with them, I finally gave in and called the Home Visiting Nurse, Rhonda.

Rhonda called. She came over.  She changed the dressing and confirmed it was pus filled blisters all over the area of my arm that was covered with the 4" square clear dressing.  The problem was that 2 of the blisters were right at the insertion site for the PICC Line so it looked, initially, as if the insertion site was infected.  Although my IV antibiotics ended 2 weeks ago, I was still maintaining the PICC Line to be used for surgery and subsequent chemotherapy.

After cleaning the site, she agreed it was just the blisters from the skin rash and not an insertion site infection. The nurse called my doctor and they decided the PICC Line should be pulled out because they didn't want to take the chance that the pus would get inside the insertion site. I have never had sensitive skin my entire life, but since this journey started, the allergic and irritation on my skin has gotten worse and worse.

So, while I am thankful Caitlyn and Jimmy convinced me to call so I could avoid a massive infection, I am also a bit depressed they took out the PICC Line.  My veins are shot since this started so getting an IV in me on Wednesday for surgery is going to be an epic event.  I guess this means I'll be getting a port for chemotherapy...ugh, another procedure.

Caitlyn and Jimmy - you can now officially say...... "WE TOLD YOU SO"

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  1. Another situation "sigh". Sorry you had to get the PICC taken out but trust me you don't want to deal with an infected line entry. Been there done that and it sux, Bad!
    I'm glad your nurse seems to be very proactive and stubborn patients need those kind of nurses.
    I'm just sayin' ;)
    Hang in there, Jen and we are praying for you.
    ((( hugs)))