Friday, May 9, 2014

My New Normal

Starting this past Monday with my surgery, I am beginning to come to grips with what my new normal will be - well, somewhat.

In no particular order, the week included (2) visits from my nurse.  Once to draw blood and once to change my PICC Line dressing and my surgery dressing.  A phone call from the health insurance company to "confirm" I was having surgery and to let me know they approved it.  A phone call from the Moll Cancer Pavilion recommending I go next week to be fitted for a wig. And finally, lack of sleep.

The nurse visits didn't surprise me and while I did sleep quite a bit until Wednesday due to the pain meds, the latter part of the week I barely slept more than an hour at a time and with a total of less than 3 hours sleep each night.  The lack of sleep, I think, is a combination of nerves, anxiety and pain in my incision. Last night, Thursday, I was still wide-eyed at 4:45 a.m.

The insurance company  - Medical Mutual of Ohio - while I can understand and appreciate them calling to tell me my surgery and subsequent treatment is covered, why did they have to call me and ask, "are you aware you are scheduled for a thoracotomy/lobectomy and chemotherapy." Really?? I almost laughed, then replied, "did you really just call me to ask me that??  In what universe would I NOT know this??"  The poor woman - I felt bad after it came out of my mouth.

And if that wasn't bad enough, today - another phone call.  From the Oncology Head Nurse - she is preparing my chart information for surgery so they can come see me while hospitalized and coordinate my therapy.  She called to tell me that they recommend that I go get fitted for "my wig" this week BEFORE my surgery.  She went on to say that chemotherapy will probably begin before I am back to normal from surgery since this surgery takes a very long time to recover from and... that it is better to select a wig while still feeling like myself.  Myself - I forgot what that was back in February LOL.  I didn't tell her but my girls very graciously have asked if they can "paint" my head when the time comes - aren't they sweet <3

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  1. Gotta love insurance companies and doctors offices -- I swear -- they hand over a script for them to read from.
    Praying for you!