Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Joys Of Cancer

First of all, I'm not complaining. I actually find it funny that since my journey started, NOTHING has been normal or per medical protocol.  Sometimes for the worse - Sometimes for the better.

This time, with people poking and picking at my port, all kinds of things are happening.  It appears after 2 years of having this port, I have developed a skin allergy to the solution that they clean my skin with each time before inserting the needle.

Rash, itching, burning and bruising - yuck!  In the very center of the pic is a "black dot."  That is where my port is and the dot is where they put multiple needles in during the past three days.

Now, to the really important question...... My hair is coming back in quite well.  It has always been somewhat straight but it is coming in curly.  It is about 1-1/2 inches long and I NEED to color it - while it's coming back in curly, it's also coming in with ALOT more grey...ugh... Everyone knows I try to see the positive in everyday with this dreaded illness and I decided I want to have fun with coloring my hair.......This is the color of my normal hair - and its a bit shorter....

This is it growing out - it's a bit longer now.
(Caitlyn and I)

So the question is, do I color it dark violet or bright purple?  Yes, I'm serious.  I'm 56, I'm not gonna live forever, so why not have fun...What's your opinion?


  1. I am letting mine go the grey that I am seeing now

  2. BRIGHT PURPLE GIRL!!!! It will be beautiful and look great on you!

  3. Have some fun with your hair coloring...I whole heartedly agree!! Dark violet or bright purple will bring you a chuckle & look great with your curls!! Have a good day!!

  4. Bright purple with white highlights 😘

  5. Why not try the bright purple and when you need to dye it again, try the darker. It doesn't need to be one or the other. God knows the grey hair will be back pretty have fun with it.