Friday, August 7, 2015

Cycle One Complete - For The Third Round of Chemotherapy

It's been an interesting week. I had my Chemotherapy on Wednesday and so far, no unexpected results. I have an upset stomach and am very, very tired. Thursday, I had my Neulasta shot. Just like timework, 8 hours after pain developed in my ribcage and hips. So far it has been manageable - Alleve during the day and Percoset at night. Today, as a gift from my sister Maria, I had a massage. I was nervous as to how it would be given the muscle and bone pain but to my surprise it was very relaxing. Tonight, though, my pain is a bit more intense in my hips and legs so that may be from the massage - not sure. Overall, so far things are not bad. I don't have the enormous amount of energy and motivation I had last week - but I do know that things could be much worse - and I am thankful they aren't. For the next 2 weeks, I have to keep a close watch on the bone pain and take medications before it gets bad. In the meantime, I await my hair falling out again. Good thing I've always had short hair so this aspect doesn't bother me too much. The hardest part for me right now is mentally. I find myself constantly thinking about what the last 17 months have been like. I belong to several Lung Cancer Facebook groups and I know that I am much better off than many people. But, the bottom line is, it is hard. Mentally and Physically.


  1. Jennifer, I am as well going through a journey of lung cancer, I really thought things looked down hill, i had chemo and rad. and also a blood clot on good lung. My left lung had the cancer bug.. Well, i told them i am going for the chance of surgery, told me i was not a candidate for surgery,.. I proved them wrong. It will be one year end of Aug. 2015 sense my surgery. It was a tough and long road of recovery and now I just did a cat scan that now is leading me into a Pet scan... WHY? well they see something going on again on the half lung............ I pray this isn't the cancer Bug, and if so........I will really have to search my mind on this of what i will do... No sure of chemo again or surgery............ I pray u will keep going and doing well in treatments,,,,,,,,it is so hard on us, and the up and down body ,,, Women are full of surprises and U for sure are like a wonder woman. God bless you sharon

  2. Hi Jennifer, I came across your blog and wondered if you would like to have it listed on the "LCSM - Lung Cancer Social Media" list of lung cancer blogs. You can message me on Facebook if you like. And best of luck on your treatment!
    Tori Tomalia