Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Site For Journal

The last few weeks have been so comforting for me to share with my loved ones how my journey is progressing.  The one thing that disturbed me was the advertisements all over CaringBridge for donations - so I decided to start journaling on Google's Blogspot.  I know many of my family have friends have set up to be notified when I post on CaringBridge and you can do the same on blogspot.  Look on the upper right for the "follow by email."

The comments, messages, and love that I read from each of you everyday brings a smile to my face

To read my journey since February 17, 2014 until now -  - CLICK HERE.


  1. I don't c "follow me email " r u feeling better today? Wendy asked me to tell you she has been and will continue to pray for u:)